Anne and Steve are buying tickets. Steve pays for the tickets and gives her one.
Steve: Two, please. And a bag of food.
Shop assistant: There are your tickets. Have a nice day
Anne: How much do I owe you?
Steve: That’s okay. It’s my treat.
Anne: Thankyou. I’ll buy lunch. Is there somewhere to have lunch?
Steve: Of course. There’s a café just over there. What do you want to do first?
Anne: I really want to hold a koala. Is there a koala here?
Steve: Yes! It’s the most popular animal! We might have to queue though.
Anne: I don’t mind. What else is there? Are there some kangaroos?
Steve: Of course. There are lots.
Anne: And birds? I’ve heard Australian birds are amazing.
Steve: Don’t worry. You’ll get to see lots of birds.
Anne: What shall we do first?
Steve: Well, the kangaroos are just over there. And I think the birds are next, and next…
Anne: …we’ll cuddle a koala!
Steve: Sure! And after that?
Anne: After that, I’ll buy you lunch.
Steve: It’s a deal!
They head off into the park.

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