This general English program of BIET Language Center - another name is Communicative English -  helps students master English via a wide variety of situations including work, business, travel and study with 04 skills: Listening – Reading – Writing – Speaking. We emphasize on practice. It means that we guide students to apply what they have learnt from English to practical situations in class at once from elementary level to advanced one.

To be good at 04 skills: Listening - Speaking - Reading - Writing, first, BIET Language Center's teachers teach students standard English pronunciation with American's voice and guide them to practise it until they get standard level. At the same time, teachers provide them with vocabularies and grammar structures  and guide them to combine both of them to practise speaking. Through the progress of practising speaking, students have chances to standardize English pronunciation and their mouths are smooth and more flexible. Next, teachers teach students Listening Method which is BIET Language Center's private and exclusive method and drill them with each listening situation from easy level to difficult one and students repeat again and again what they have listened to. When being soft and smooth, students practise listening and speaking skills at the same time until they are good at these.

Regarding Reading and Writing skills, students are also guided the ways to read comprehensively and the ways to write sentences, paragraphs and then essays according to private topics or the ones from the textbooks. Teachers corect writing for students by analyzing which one is right or wrong and show them the ways to correct sentences in the best way.

With such meticulous teaching methods, BIET Language Center is sure that all stdudents are always pleased because of effectiveness and in fact, any students are pleased when learning General English here.

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