Change (n): The money that you get back after you pay your bill
Toward(s) (prep): In the direction of
Pretend (v): Try to make something appear to be true or imagine that something is true
Pain (n): Something that hurts you
Back (adj): Farthest away from the front or earlier in time; belonging to the past
Back (adv): Behind
Kid (v): Joke (informal)
Pick up (v): Come and get someone at a certain place and time
ANNE goes to SARAH’s house for lunch and she arrives in a taxi.

TAXI-DRIVER: Here we are.
ANNE: How much is that?
TAXI-DRIVER: That’ll be seventeen-fifty thanks love. (She gives him twenty dollars)
ANNE: Keep the change.
TAXI-DRIVER: Thank you. Have a nice day!
ANNE walks towards the house and knocks. The door is opened by a little girl (LOUISE).
ANNE: Hello. I’m Anne. (Louise turns and runs).
LOUISE: Mummy! (SARAH comes to the door).
SARAH: Come in Anne!
ANNE: What a beautiful house!
SARAH: It’s been a lot of work, but we’re getting there. This is the bathroom. This is my daughter’s bedroom. And here’s the kitchen.
Louise is in the kitchen ‘helping’.
SARAH: Anne’s here. You’ve met my daughter, Louise.
ANNE: Hello Louise.
LOUISE: I’m helping.
ANNE: Yes, I see…
SARAH: And my husband, Mark.
ANNE: Hello again. (Mark pretends to have a pain in the back).
ANNE: Ooh! Sorry about my heavy bag.
MARK: Just kidding.
SARAH: But you haven’t met my little brother. This is Steve.
STEVE: I was going to pick you up this morning. You wouldn’t let me.
ANNE: I’m sorry. I like to find my own way around.
STEVE: No worries. Maybe another  time.
ANNE: Yes, maybe
SARAH: Come on. Let’s go outside.


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