Sales & Marketing are separate parts but they have close relationship. In order to succeed in them, anyone who does them must have deeply knowledge about them, strategy thinking, the way of using propagnada tools, and technique,……

The “PROFESSIONAL SALES & MARKETING”  course (Intermediate and Advanced) is designed by Brain International Education and Training Limited Company - BIET to help all participants become successful salespeople and get a lot of benefit for their company.
* Our aim:
   Our training aim is to equip basic marketing knowledge as well as strategy thinking, argument foundation, the way of using tools, the technique to meet professional requirements as follows:
  •  Having ability to form a medium marketing strategy (3 – 5 years), and a short marketing strategy (1 year) on the foundation of medium marketing strategy.
  •  Having ability to analyze and determine target market, to build up competition solutions for target market.
  •  Having ability to determine strategy and deploy the implement of product developing strategy, channel, price and propaganda strategy.
  •  Setting up the marketing goal for enterprise.
  •  Setting up the objective and determining brand atttribute. 
  •  Finding out ability, limits of professional knowledge, resources, finance of enterprise.
  •  Evaluating the impacts due to the limits about ability and resources on expenses, competitiveness ability and marketing stratefy of enterprise.
  •  Unifying with Sales on prior markets.
 * Teaching method:
  Active-Learning Method. It means that student is center of gravity and we help all students approach and solve problems practically. Students are encouraged to contact their activities concretely to discover the matters that have existed and share them with other students as vivid-illustrated examples. Besides, as an instructor and supporter, the trainer applies the “Interactive Method” such as teamwork to help students receive new skills and apply exercises so that they plan their own action after the course.
* Participants:
  - The owner of the company.
  - Director, Vice Director, Department Managers.
  - Other Managers in company.
* Main contents:
  1.  Analyzing customers and market.
  2.  Segmenting market.
  3.  Marketing Strategy and defining it.
  4.  Chanels Strategy and administrating them.
  5.  Price Evaluation Strategy.
  6.  Propaganda Strategy.
  7.  Sales Administration.
* Course length: 30 hours (3 days per week/ 3 hours per day)
* Trainer: M.A Lanh Van Le or MA Ty Van Nguyen.
* Tuition fee: 2,200,000 (Including soft drinks and fast food).














3 hours


* Analyzing customers and competitors, understanding the impacts to enterprises.

* Buiding up the summary requiring market study to collect supplementary information for enterprises’ market knowledge shortcoming.

* Customer analysis for larger markets.

* Analysing competitors, specifying their weak and strong points.

* Specifying shortcoming of enterprises about market and then searching for complement.

* Evaluating the impact in analysing customers, competitors with enterprises/ activities.














3 hours


* How to divide market into various segments to find prospect segments for enterprises.

* Understanding and finding out customers’ need changes via each market phase.

* Having the skill of complicated analysis that relate to market segment and large-scale specification.

* Analyzing and evaluating enterprises’ competitiveness and competitors’.

* Having the skill at analyzing and evaluating each market’s attraction, choosing potential market.

* Applying market segment into strategy and building up customers solution.












6 hours


* Analyzing current business effectiveness.

* Determining a 3-year marketing strategy, product sales and marketing.

* Evaluating competitors’ impacts influencing enterprises’ strategy.

* Targeting concretely for each enterprise’s product and market.

* Targeting for brand and determining brand’s nature.

* Understanding clearly enterprise’s ability, limited points about professional knowledge, natural resource and finance.

* Evaluating the impacts due to ability and human resources limits to price, competing advantage and marketing strategy.

* Unifying target priorly with other departments such as Sales, ….














3 hours


* How to know different channels meet various needs of customers.

* Understanding the impacts of selecting various channels and building up the solutions of conflicts between the channels.

* Understanding and using tools, technique evaluating channels effectiveness and giving solution to overcome.

* Choosing and deploying channel mix that is suitable to products useful to customers and enterprise.

* Evaluating and replying competitors’ dynamic concerning with channel strategy.

* Having ability to design channel to control the channel conflicts.

* Having ability to determine the objectives for choosing suitable channel partners to each product and service.












3 hours


* Specifying elements determining price and product, service or solutions to achieve profit target depending on customers’ feelings about value.

* Considering the brand value when specifying customers’ feelings about the value.

* Fixing a price of product, service or solutions on prospect customers’ feelings about value and competitors’ price value.

* Having ability to carry out price policy for many channels.

* Having ability to evaluate price impacts on profit – loss of enterprise.

* Reacting upon competitors’ dynamic about fixing a price.












6 hours


* Having ability to define propaganda strategy for each career, product of enterprise.

* Having ability to specify the role and prospect impacts of propaganda programs in achieving marketing target (including Brand).

* Having ability to draft the complicated marketing propaganda summary with considering brand strategy, marketing proganda strategy and identification system. 

* Having ability to set up the objective for each propaganda kind and measure feedback effectiveness.

* Determining and using the result of marketing techniques.

* Evaluating and setting up the objectives to select agency for marketing propaganda programs.








6 hours


* Having ability to orient the objective between Sales Department & Marketing Department.

* Finding out elements determining successful sales.

* Salespeople’s skills.

* Practising sales communication effectively.


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