Space (n): Room (no plural)
Igloo (n):  a house built by the Inuit (Eskimos) made from blocks of hard snow
Steve, Anne, Mark, Sarah and Louise have lunch and talk about differences.

STEVE: So Anne, have you been to an Australian home before?
ANNE:  No, never. It's a beautiful home, Sarah. So big! The rooms are much bigger than at home. There's more space here.
STEVE: Do you live in a house?
MARK: No Steve – she lives in an igloo.
ANNE: Actually, no. We live in an apartment. Most people do. Singapore is much busier than Adelaide, and more crowded.
STEVE: Yeah! and more exciting. It's so boring here.
SARAH: It's quieter. Some people like that.
ANNE: I don't think it's boring.
MARK: Adelaide is a very beautiful city. It's a better place to live than anywhere else I've been.
SARAH: But you haven't been anywhere. (to ANNE) Mark hates travelling. I love it.
MARK: I just don't see the point of it.
ANNE: What about you Steve? Do you like to travel?
STEVE: Yes. Yeah, I've been to Kula Lumpur, and to Bali. Bali's great!
LOUISE: I've been to the zoo!
(They laugh. ANNE smiles)
ANNE: You're lucky. I haven't been to the zoo. I'd love to go to the zoo.
STEVE: I'll take you!
(There are raised eyebrows at the table) 

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