If esteemed parents would like to lessen time to meet and see off your children and feel how good and effective our 06 differences are, come to our BIET’s University Entrance Exam Coaching  and Further Culture Retraining Center. Unlike other exam coaching centers that are “on a large scale” (Remedial, fair and good students study together), we have six differences to help your children study well and have enough knowledge to pass University Entrance Exam.

Here are 06 differences:
1. Package Mock-up: Nowadays, many parents hurriedly meet and see off their children among study places at different time. Many don’t have time to do it, so they have to rent “Hugging Motorbike” ask their relatives to do that for them. Therefore, we designed a “Package Program” to lessen time and ensure the study quality for your children.
2. Assessment Test: Your children must do the test to classify the levels and then teachers know how to guide them to be good students so that they can take University Entrance Exam at any universities.
3. Teaching Personality: We teach your children to have Filial Piety With Parents, Courteousness With Teachers and Affectionateness Towards Friends. Your children cannot lack of these and these themselves help them succeed in their lives.
4. Teaching how to study well: Although they are students of Junior or Senior High School or who will take Univeristy Entrance Exam, we will have the “Secrets of Good Studying” classes to guide them how to remember the lessons easily and longer and then they have free time to ease, entertain or do what they like.
5. Careers Guidance: Many twelve – grade students don’t know how to choose a specilized subject. Their parents don’t, either. So, we, on behalf of their parents, will guide them how to seclect a subject that is suitable to their hobbies and our society and we are sure they will have a good job after graduating from university.
6. Winning The Hearrs of Particular Students: Many parents are weary, downhearted because of their depraved children such as palying truant, being addicted to games, behaving towards others impolitely, …Our teacher team who are pschological experts will convert them by means of their righteousness, enthusiasm and generosity and help them to be good people.

Accordingly, set your mind at rest to register for your children if you would like to lessen time to meet and see off your children and feel and experience in 06 our differences!

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