The Next Personality Lesson Is “Obedience”

On Sunday morning 15/03/2015, BIET kept on starting the next personality lesson for children called “Obedience”. 22 pupils took part in this class. Our teachers explained the Obedience theory to them and they experienced in activities related to this virtue. After a day of study and experience, they have changed their thoughts, attitudes and behaviors and all of them promised to obey their grandparents, parents and teachers, …. Why could we do this?
1. Our teachers used the suitable words to them to transmit the “Obedience” message clearly which is easy for them to understand what obedience is and its benefit.
2. Especially, our teachers listened to and sympathized with each pupil’s stories at hoem, at schools and they were willing to speak out their inhibition they bore from their parents. (This is the difference between us and their parents).
3. Our teachers analyzed the background and the cause of their stories to help them understand which one is good or bad and gave the practical instructions to encourage them to obey their grandparents, parents, teachers and adults.
4. Our teachers gave them the homework of Obedience to carry out at home and report in the next class.
We are sure that any parents are happy if their children know to obey them but, in fact, many parents are impuissant with their children. We think that parents should learn how to teach your children to obey. So, take your children to us at:
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