Being Aware Of Teaching Your Children Personality With BIET Language Center

All parents should be aware of teaching your children personality in company with BIET or else all of you will be remorseful later.  

Phenomenon: In general, most of Vietnamese children are “so weak” and lack of Life Skills. Many who are old enough to go to school can’t do daily things themselves such as dressing themselves, doing up their shoelaces, preparing studied tools, cooking breakfast, …. Moreover, Most children/teenagers don’t know how to communicate with others, face with difficult situations, morality, … At home, their parents remind or advise them to do something, they are ready to retort their parents, are angry with their parents, … but in society, when being browbeaten they don’t know how to cope with, they usually keep silent or bear. Some others pampered consider themselves as a VIP, express themselves without courteousness or respect for other people, so they are usually boycotted or isolated and, of course, it is very difficult for them to integrate themselves into collective existence. In both, they can’t integrate themselves into collective existence.
   1. Most of parents think that they love their children and they don’t want their children to be miserable. Therefore, they are ready to cover everything for their children and their children can’t do anything at home as well as in society.
    2. For daily bread or work, … all parents don’t have enough time to care about or bring up their children morality or life skills.
    3. With lessons burden, children don’t have time to practice life skills and morality. It is lucky for them to be good at theory knowledge.
Effects: When they make their ways in the world, parents realize that their children are badly equipped. They can’t do anything and integrate themselves into social community. Especially, many parents are powerless because their children don’t obey them.
   1. Parents should arrange time to attend our classes: How to Teach Your Children and take time to care about and bring up your children.
   2. Let your children attend our personality classes to experience in and practice what they learned everyday with parents’ support so that they can integrate themselves into society, succeed in their lives and become good people then.
   1. We have classes for parents to learn how to teach their children in accordance with each situation.
   2. We have classes for children in accordance with our core subject.
   3. We have classes for both parents and their children to learn, having fun activities with other parents and children.
Organization type:
•    Less theory, more practice by experiencing in practical situations so that children can remember what they learned easily and practice them in daily life and live better.

If all parents are aware of teaching personality in company with BIET in Nha Trang, you – parents – will surely have good and successful children.

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