The Center Specializing English For Kids Aged 3 - 6 In Nha Trang

BIET Language Center is the center specialzing English for kids aged 3 - 6 in Nha Trang because it has the particular English program for this age. 
This is the most ideal age – according to psychologists’ researches – to start studying English because they can have the standard pronunciation, good intonation, natural communication and “load” vocabularies best.

At this age, however, kids are timid and feel strange to learning. Accordingly, this course is designed to help kids get used to English by 
   • Introducing the English alphabets with vocabularies,
   • Teaching them how to count numbers, realize colors,
   • Provinding with topic vocabularies related to their lives such as their families, schools, friends, …
   • Conversed stories to practise speaking and reflexion,
   • Giving them simple and funny English songs that help them remember the lessons faster and longer.
   • Playing diversified games (spelling, arranging pictures, coloring, …), doing the handicrafts (postcards, lanterns, …) and practising skill lessons ( drawing, public speaking, …) … that help them enhance their imagination and creation.
Our teachers who have experienced in teaching English For Kids for a long time, understood kids' psychology,  had easily - understandable teaching method as well as enthusiasm are ready to help kids get acquainted with English easily and have standard pronunciation in the beginning. Especially, our teachers take care of each kid until they are good at English.
Let kids come to our BIET Language Center to get the English's best things that are for the 3 - 6 age.
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Practising speaking
Learning singing and dance
Learning drawing

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