Don’t Ignore These If You Want To Learn English Online Effectively!

With the strong and outstanding development of advanced technology and the Internet, now you do not have to rush back and forth to go to class anymore, but you can take the initiative in your time as well as your place to study with huge online English store on the Internet. However, to effectively learn English online, BIET Language Center advises you to define carefully the following things.
1. Why do you study English?
In other words “What do you study English for?”. This means that you should determine the reasons why you study and the goals you want to aim for. These are imporrtant factors that are fundamental to help you orient the long-term English learning process. When the goals are clear, the foundations are firm and stable, they will become a powerful motivation that motivates you to learn to the end. At that time, you will know what you have to learn and which learning method will be suitable to you. Therefore, determine your goals before you start studying!
2. What do you study?
After determining your learning goals, you decide what to study. This depends on your current and future practical needs. For example, if you are a student and you need to be good at grammar to meet the lessons at school, then you learn grammar from easy to difficult points, from simple to complex ones and systematize them together.  If you are a working person but do not know anything about English, then you start learning basic English. And if you have known a little and need to improve your Listening and Speaking skills, then you focus on these two skills step by step until you are proficient in them. In general, you should know what you need to learn, then you only  focus on that to avoid vague learning without good results.
Learning Online English with BIET Language Center in Nha Trang city
3. When do you study?
At this time, you should build your own learning itinerary with specific time: What to learn and when to learn it. This hepls you make use of free time the most useful throughout learning process. If you do not know what to study and when you study, then you have to spend time thinking about whether you should study grammar, pronunciation or vocabularies, …  And your free time is not invested in the right place. Be sure and know what you sholud learn and when you study!
4. Where do you study?
There are a lot of useful websites on the Internet to help you learn basic English for beginners, practice speaking – listening or international English certificates. However, in order not to confuse you with countless such websites, BIET Language Center offers you the following three quality websites:  

   • British Council: This is a very good English learning page with many forms of learning such as listening to music, playing games, listening to audio, watching videos, … and it is suitable to many different objects. Moreover, you can take a test on the webstei to know what your English level is at.
Learning English with British Council

   • BBC Learning English: The BBC English learning website is designed for people of all levels from beginning to advanced. At here, you not only learn vocabularies and grammar but also learn pronunciation and how to talk with the standard English – English accent.
Learning English with BBC

   • VOA: The precursor of this website is Special English founded in 1959, then changed to VOA Learning English which was launched in 2014 with more diverse contents about English knowledge. VOA Learning English has ben trusted by millions of English learners and become a name that has not been missed when mentioning ways to learn English for beginners.
Learning English with VOA
But if you still want to study methodically and systematically, do not hesitate to take basic English courses, English communication or international English certificates, … of BIET Language Center.
The difference of BIET Language Center’s courses are methodical and systematical teaching based on your level, current ability and learning goals. You will be taught theory and instructed to remember and then you will be taught how to practice until you are proficient in them.
5. How do you maintain effective online English learning?
Study sources and learning methods are known. But how to maintain the efficency throughout the learning process for a long time is important. This is based on 100% of your personal efforts. No matter the good and qualitative course is without your efforts, it is all nil.

Therefore, study persistently! Taking 15 – 30 minutes a day to study continuously will help you create a habit of learning and making progress faster than studying 2 – 3 hours a day but only study 2 or 3 days and then stop. Learning perseverance is the most important factor  that helps you succeed.

And don’t forget: Learning is always accompanied by practice. Our lectures are very brief, clear, easy to understand and easy to apply. Therefore, you should practice according to what you have learnt until you remember them and apply them. Then, you improve your speaking and listening skills by looking for other useful English learning websites to practice. This will not only help you improve your English level but also make more international friends.
Whether you study offline or online, the English courses of BIET Language Center always are useful and effective for you, especially the difference of our online English courses are brief, clear, easy to understand and easy to apply and we always support you 24/7.
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Learning Online English with BIET Language Center in Nha Trang city

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