BIET Taught Children Personality Lesson "Polite Manner In Public”

BIET taught children personality lesson “Polite manner in public” such as spitting, blowing their noses, sneezing, yawning, belching, coughing, … with reservedness, tenderness and privateness.

BIET taught that when being at school, at home, outside, in restaurants or in public, … children should not spit pell-mell, blow their noses effervescently, belch, … because it is impolite. To do this, children should do that in a handkerchief tenderly and reservedly. When sneezing or coughing, children should cover their mouths with hands. After using the hanndkerchiefs, they should put them into shirt or trousers’ pockets. And all children practised these activities at BIET’s center skilfully and then at home and in public.

We are sure that this “Polite Manner in Public” lesson is not only useful for children but also for many adults.


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