The Best English Language Center For Childeren In Nha Trang Is BIET Language Center

Many parents recognize that BIET Language Center is the best English Center for children in Nha Trang city because their children, after studying here, can be good at English.
Specifically, Hoang Gia Linh can talk about herself and her family after 02 courses.
Hello everyone!
My name is Linh. L-I-N-H. I am 12 years old. I’m from Nha Trang city, Vietnam. I am Vietnamese. I am a seven-grade pupil of Mai Xuan Thuong Secondary school. I learn a lot of subjects at school such as Math, English, Music, Art, … but I like Math best. As you know, I am very busy studying at school. I don’t have free time. But when I have free time, I usually play badminton with my mom. I often play it twice a week. And I like watching TV and reading books after school. I don’t like going out. And my family has four people: My father, my mother, my little sister and me. My father is 40 years old, he works for Hyundai Vinashin company. My mother is 36 years old, she is a teacher of Do Re Mi Kindergarten. My little sister’s 2 years old, she is a pupil and studies at Do Re Mi Kindergarten. And I love my family so much. Thank you for listening!!!
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