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BIET Language Center in Nha Trang is the one having many types of English programs as well as the effective exclusive teaching method to bring the best results for students.
Many Types Of Different English Programs.
We have many types of different English programs for different learners with different needs.
English for kids aged from 3 – 6. At this age, children can learn English through different forms such as singing, drawing, short conversation, introducing themselves, … are taught correct pronunciation.
English for children ages from 7 – 12 and English for teenagers aged from 12 – 17. At these two ages, they learn vocabulary and gramar, then they are instructed to apply what they have learnt to practice speaking through different conversations or introduce themselve at higher level and longer. At the saem time, they are also taught the way of listening comprehension and practice it via from the easy to difficult situations.
BIET Language Center has many types of different English programs
Communicative English program. This is what any Vietnamse English learners want to achieve. Therefore, we have designed a particular communicative English itinerary for pupils, students or employees and anyone can succeed in this with our exclusive teaching method.
The English programs to get the international certificates such as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 according to Common European Framewwork, … With this program, we teach the standard pronunication, systematize all grammar, teach the listening method and the structure of each certificate. Then, our teachers guide learners the way to do each part, each skill in details of each certificate and learners must do from one exam to anther and are corrected to get experience and can do the next exam better. Depending on how long learners want to get any kinds of English international certificates, our teachers will adjust the curriculum to be the most effective for learners.
The Effective Exclusive Teaching Method.
All learners must go through the itinerary Writing lessons → Understanding lessons → Remembering lessons → Applying lessons. “Writing lessons” means that teachers give learners lessons to write. “Understanding lessons” means that teachers explain lessons to learners. “Remembering lessons” means that learners must learn by heart to remember lessons. “Applying lessons” means that learners must apply what they have learnt to practical communication situations and practice through different situations. All are guided by teachers in details until learners become proficient.
And the special thing is that we teach learners according to level, uptake, digilence or laziness of each learner. All learners sit in the same class but the lessons may be the same or sometimes different as above – mentioned things. We have applied this method for a long time and it was very effective. If learners are willing to cooperate with teachers by learning and practicing regularly and continuously then they will definitely be good at English.
The effective exclusive teaching method
With the above – metioned things, BIET Language Center is always proud to be the most effective English teaching center with various types of English programs and effective exclusive method.
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