Practicing Instant TOEIC With BIET Language Center And Get High Score

BIET Language Center specializes in teaching and practicing instant TOEIC for anyone in need and many students have achieved high scores on TOEIC thanks to studying here. And below is one student’s share.
I am Ngo Thi Tinh, a final – year student of Nha Trang unniversity, majoring in import and export. The university requires me to have a 550 TOEIC marks certificate to graduate. I would like to have the international TOEIC certificate, so that after graducation, it is easier to apply for a job after graduation. And I registered to learn instant TOEIC at BIET language Center in the form of tutoring. And the person who taught me was Mr. Chi, a person who has a lot of experience in teaching the international English certificate.
Ngo Thi Tinh got 635 marks after 05 months of instant TOEIC practice
First of all, he taught me the pronunciation and the systematization of all grammar, vocabularies and listening method. Then, he selected the previously issued tests and told me the TOEIC’s structure and instructed me how to do each part of the TOEIC test. I have been trained with the previously issued test papers. During the pracitice, he analyzed, corrected me and provided me with a lot of knowledge of many business’s fields such as business, accounting, finance, personnel, … to support my TOEIC practice.
As a result, after 05 months of instant TOEIC practice with Mr. Chi, I got the higher score than the required score from the university. It’s very good! And I am confident with the TOEIC score I got when applying for a job.
TOEIC's result of Ngo Thi Tinh
BIET Language Center is the best one in Nha Trang city I have ever known. You should learn English here!
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