The best language center in Nha Trang drills B1, B2, C1 English  certificates for teachers and MA students is BIET Language Center.

In the Circular No.10/2011/TT-BGDĐT on 28/02/2011, the Ministry of Education and Training required all Vietnamese universities that train tertiary education and postgraduate program to apply the English level of Common European Framework for Reference (CEFR) for MA and PhD students.. According to it, MA students must have B1 certificate (level 3/6) and postgraduates must have B2 certificate (level 4/6).

Besides, the Decision No. 1400/QĐ-TTG on 30/09/2008 about the project “Teaching and Studying Foreign Language in People System for 2008 – 2020 Stage” – Project 2020 – approved by the Prime Minister of Vietnam and the Announcement No. 826/2011/TB-BGDĐT on 05/08/2011 the Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training also required all education organizations to check all English teachers’ ability according to CEFR. According to them,
- Teachers of Primary School must get English B1 level accroding to CEFR.
- Teachers of Junior High School must get English B2 level accroding to CEFR.
- Teachers of Senior High School must get English C1 level accroding to CEFR.

To help all teachers and MA students to be confident to take this exam and get these B1, B2, C1 English certificates easily, BIET Language Center in Nha Trang city has designed the program for studying and drilling these certificates basically with detailed and meticulous guide as well as secrets to help learners how to do the tests the most quickly and effectively.  
Being a center that has been experienced in these certificates coaching for many years, we are sure that our teachers’ guide and students’ diligence, students will pass this exam with high score easily.

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