Every year millions of children all over the world take part in Starter – Mover – Flyer Certificate Exams. This figure shows their popularity and importance to little candidates.So,

1. What are Starter - Movers - Flyers certificates?
These are three English Certificates that belong to YLE (Young Learners English Test) Certificate System organized and issued by English Testing Council of Cambridge University for children aged 7 – 12, admitted over 160 countries and divided into three levels.
   • Starter: for candidate aged 7 with about 100 hours of English study.
   • Mover: for candidate aged 7 - 11 with about 175 hours of English study.
   • Flyer: for candidate aged 9 - 12 with about 250 hours of English study.

2. Why do children need to take part in these certificates?
These are certificates used to standardize English knowledge for grade 4 – 5 pupils by Primary Education Department and Ministry of Education and Training according to Project 1400 of Ministry of Education and Training mentioned in the Official Document 6003/BGDĐT-GDTH, issued 21/09/2010.

3. Process, structure and exam form:






20 minutes

25 minutes

25 minutes

Reading & Writing

20 minutes

30 minutes

40 minutes


4 minutes

6 minutes

8 minutes

10 - minute break for each part

Exam time total

64 minutes

81 minutes

93 minutes

All candidates can receive certificates. The exam results are represented by the Shield images printed in certificate. Each skill has maximum of five Shield images. Therefore, candidate who achieves absolute marks gets 15 Shield images. There are not any rules for failed or pased marks but the average marks agreed to pass must be over 10 Shield images and each skill is not less than 02 Shield images.

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