Steve and Anne explore the park.

ANNE: Look at this big grey one
STEVE: He’s massive. He has very, very strong arms and legs.
ANNE: And a big strong tail.
STEVE: Yeah. And ears. Very big ears
ANNE: His fur looks very soft.
STEVE: It feels soft on my hand
ANNE: It’s got beautiful big brown eyes.
They walk around.
ANNE: Oh, look at that little black and white one.
STEVE: Oh yeah. I think that’s a willy wagtail. They’re very fast and they move around a lot.
ANNE: It’s cute. It’s got such a long tail. Oh, look at that bird!
STEVE: Oh, that’s a kingfisher
ANNE: Oh, we have them in Singapore
STEVE: Really?
ANNE: Hmm. Look at its beautiful blue back.
STEVE: Very colourful, isn’t it? There’s lots in Australia. Big ones and small ones. We have a very big one called a kookaburra. It has a very interesting laugh.
Anne cuddles a koala.
ANNE: He’s so soft and cuddly.
STEVE: Yeah, like me!
STEVE: They’ve actually also got really sharp claws. See?
ANNE: He’s so cute! Can I take him home?
STEVE: I don’t think they’d be very happy about that.
Anne has a moment of sadness.
STEVE: Oh, look at that one. What’s the matter?
ANNE: Nothing… I’m just feeling a bit homesick.
STEVE: Come on, let’s go and get something to eat.

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