24. Cold turkey = Stop doing something immediately
25. A while back = Several weeks or months in the past
26. Red – handed = To be caught in the act of doing something wrong
27. Beggars can’t be choosers = One needs to be thankful for what one gets free.
28. Bite the bullet = To bravely face a difficult situation
29. Beating a dead horse = Engage in useless argument or activity
30. Kill two birds with one stone = Take care of two matters with an action.

31. Beat around (about) the bush = Speak indirectly or in an advoding manner
32. Down – to – earth = Someone who is practical, sincere and honest
33. Quick buck = Fast and easy profit.
34. Play it by ear = Do something without planning ahead
35. The lowdown = The inside truth about something
36. A piece of cake = Refers to something being very easy to do
38. Off base = wrong or inappropriate
39. Wrong side of the tracks = The poor part of town
40. The red herring = Something irrelevant mean to take the attention away from a more serious matter
41. Pink slip = A notice of termination from a workplace
42. Back stabber = One who attacks people unfairly and while showing a friendly face in front of them
43. Brought the farm = Passed away = Died
44. Beside the point = Not relevant to the subject being discussed
45. Birds and bees = Refers to reproductive maths, sex
46. Lame duck = Refers to a politician who has lost re-election and only serving out the reminder of his term
47. Clip one's wings = Restricting or stopping someone from doing something
48. Birdeye view = See something from a high point of view
49. Birthday suit = To be completely naked with no clothes on
50. Go bananas = Begin acting crazy or silly
51. In the red = A negative balance in an account or a budget
52. Green with envy = To be extremely jealous or envious of someone
53. Sitting duck = Someone who is an easy target for attacks fro his enemies
54. White lie = An untrue statement that is made to advoid hurting someone’s feelings
55. Pay through the nose = Pay a high price
56. At the end of one’s rope = To be at the limits of one’s ability to have no more options
57. At fault = To be responsible or blamed for something
58. Bark up the wrong tree = Make the wrong assumption to make a mistake
59. Cool as a cucumber = To be very calm and relaxed in a tense situation
60. Green thumb = To be very good with plants and flowers
61. Be shaken up = To be bothered or disturbed
62. With flying colors = To do something with great success
63. All along = All the time
64. An arm and a leg = A large amount of money used when referring to how much something costs.
65. Chicken out = To get scared of engaging into something (Running away from something)
66. Big cheese = An important or powerful person
67. Once in a blue moon = Something that doesn’t happen very often, a rare occurrence
68. Bite the dust = Break down or be defeated
69. No spring chicken = Refers to someone already advanced in age, with a lot of life experience
70. Give someone the green light = Give someone the permission to do something
71. Bend over backwards = Try very hard
72. Break the ice = Change an uneasy situation in a more relaxed one
73. Back out = Withdraw from an agreement or promise
74. All at once = Suddenly without warning
75. Brush with the law = A brief experience with the police because of a criminal act
76. Between the rock and a hard place = To be in a difficult situation with no solution
77. Birds of a feather flock together = The same types of individual like to hang out together is often used in reference to lawless char
78. Like a bat out of the hell = Leaving a place really fast
79. White elephant = A project that has no value, a waste of money.

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