Correcting Your English Pronunciation With BIET Language Center

Many Vietnamese people can’t pronounce English correctly and do not know why. BIET Language Center in Nha Trang city will tell you why and show you how to correct your English pronunciation.
1. Why don’t Vietnamese people pronounce English correctly?
   • Vietnamese people don’t know the difference between Vietnamse and English sound systems. Each language has its own different pronunciation system, so Vietnamese people need to master the pronunciation system of this language. For example, the “th” sound (pronounced /θ/) of English sounds completely different from the “th” sound (pronounced /thờ/) of Vietnamese.

   • Vietnamese people usually stress the wrong accent meanwhile accent is the sound stressed for listener to recognize the word. Stressing the wrong accent means pronouncing incorrectly and so the listener doesn’t understand. For example, the word internal /ɪn'tɜːrnl/, the accent is /'tɜː/, but if you stress /ɪn/ then no one will understand what you mean.

   • Vietnamese people never pronounce the ending sound, especially then the ending sound is /s/, /z/, /k/, /g/… Vietnamese doesn’t have the ending sound, so when the English pronunciation has no the ending sound, it will become Vietnamese. And the listener doesn’t understand what you say and you don’t understand what other people say because they pronounce with the ending sound.
Vietnamese people pronounce English incorrectly but they don't know why

2. So, what must you do to pronounce English correctly?
   • Learning English pronunciation with a good pronunciation teacher and that teacher must know how to show you the correct pronunciation of each English sound and has the ways to guide you to practice until you pronounce that sound fluently. For this matter, our BIET Language Center’s teachers can do and we are sure that you will pronounce English correctly if you cooperate with our teachers by diligently practicing.

   • Don’t translate English sound into Vietnamese sound! Most Vietnamese people always do this because they think that doing so will be easier to remember, but actually this makes it more difficult for them. For example, the word “coat” /koʊt/, many Vietnamese people translate into “cốt”. Look up the dictionary to know each syllable of a word and pronounce each word correctly according to the English pronunciation rule.

   • Do not let yourself be ruled and influenced by many pronuciation sources and surroundings. Look up the dictionary and focus on its transcription The two most reliable dictionaries are Oxford Dictionary and Cambridge Dictionary. Don’t imitate the wrong pronunciation of other mispronounced people but follow the correct pronunciation of the dictionary, emphasize accent and ending sound correctly and ending sound.
Correcting your English pronunciation with BIET Language Center

These are suggestions for you to correct your English pronunciation. If you can’t do it, enrol to study directly at our BIET Language Center or sign up to study the “Mastering Pronunciation” lesson series on our online learning website
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