TOEFL® iBT Test Changes According To The New Format

It must be that TOEFL® iBT Test has not been strange to Vietnamese parents and students. It includes 04 skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing with the total of over 03 hours and a half for doing the test which made candidates tired easily. Recently, ETS website has updated the TOEFL® iBT Test changes from 1st August, 2019. So, what does the new format of TOEFL® iBT change? And what is this benefit?

There are 2 changes: The Test is shorter and MyBest™ scores
1. The shorter Test with the following structure:
   - Reading: The total number of reading passages are still 3 – 4 but there are only 10 questions each instead of the previous 12 – 14 questions each. The total time of doing the test is reduced to 54 – 72 minutes instead of 60 – 80 minutes. The types of questions such as vocabularies, quotation, relation, adding more ideas or paragraphs, … are still the same.
   - Listening: The total time of doing the Test is reduced to 41 – 57 minutes. The number of lectures is only 3 – 4 lectures instead of the previous 4 – 6 lectures but 06 questions each are still the same. The number of conversations with questions each remains the same. The types of questions are still the same.
   - Speaking: There are only 04 tasks including 01 independent task and 03 integrated tasks instead of 06 tasks now. The total time of doing these tasks, of course, is reduced to 17 minutes. The questions about hobby and personal information and the question of 02 students (task 5) discussing about the school’s notice are cut out.

   - Writing: It remains the same with the total time of doing these are still 50 minutes for an integrated writing and an independent writing.

2. The new feature MyBest™ scores:
Instead of scoring on each section, TOEFL® iBT, since 1st August, 2019, gives a new feature MyBest™ scores which lets candidate choose the best score of each section after many times of taking the Test in the last 2 years. All TOEFL® iBT score reports sent after 1st August, 2019 will automatically include MyBest™ scores along with the traditional scores from the candidate’s selected test date.

With such useful changes, candidate get more benefits. The only thing is that TOEFL® iBT has recently extended a lot of topics and they have been longer which put candidates in trouble. So, when reviewing and drilling TOEFL® iBT, candidates should do with many kinds of formats, escpcially updated ones, to meet with the Test easily.

BIET Language Center’s teachers have enough ability and experience to meet with these for any candidates who would like to review and drill TOEFL® iBT.

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