The Unexpected Thing In English For Teenagers Course Of BIET Language Center

The unexpected thing in English for teenagers course which is for age 13 – 17 of BIET Language Center is the lessons integrated English and age psychology and being their companions.

This is the age of those who like discovering new – fangled things and assert themselves. Many of them are stubborn and jusk like to do what they want as they think they are grown up. Accordingly, we have carefully researched the psychology, actions and expressions of this age group to design our own program including psychological and moral lessons to integrate into the English curriculum.

Our teachers have to be very patient and understand their psychological developments to become friends and companions with each of them. Once we have gained the love and affection of our teenagers, our teachers easily teach them English from Standard pronunciation to grammar and 04 Listening, Reading and Writing skills. This helps teenagers discover their value and affirm themselves by being good at English and meeting English knowledge in class. Since then, the teenagers are passionate, interested in learning English without anyone having to remind or accompany them.
Parents love this because their children, after studying at BIET Language Center, have become better at English and better.
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