If you would like to learn any specialized English in Nha Trang city, BIET Language Center is the best place for you to choose because we can meet all what you need.
What is specialized English?
Specialized English is English specialized terms of any trade that workers working for a foreign company or corporation must know to meet with their jobs.
Grammar is similar to communicative English’s or basic English’s grammar but vocabularies are different. You must study these specialized English words hard for the first time, then you use them by repeat and repeat and you will remember them. All converstions are in each major’s contexts.
Who does BIET Language Center design sepialized English for?
Realizing a lot of people working in many fields with foreign partners cannot communicate in English specializef words , BIET Language Center has designed spcialized English programs of some trades such as Englishh for Tourrism, Business English, English for Banking, English for Construction, English for IT, … to help learners working for companies to meet with their work.
Of course, our teachers show you English standard pronunciation first, then provide you with specialized vocabularies and guide you to pronounce these until you do them fluently and then show you the ways to combine vocabularies and each trade's grammar structure to practise speaking skill. After that, teachers teach you Listening Method and guide you this via each trade's conversation. Gradually, from this conversation to another one, you will have experience in listening skill with pronunciation, sound - links, intonation, ...and then, of course, you will converse specialized English well. What an interesting thing!
Actually, specialized English is not difficult. You can study these programs off-linely at BIET Language Center or on-linely in our website http://online.biet.edu.vn
We wish you succeed in these specialized English programs us.
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